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General Dentistry

Trust the experts at Spirit Lake Dental to keep your teeth and gums healthy. In order to keep your smile looking its best, we work with you to schedule regular check-ups for routine care. Routine care includes the following:

Cleanings: A dental hygienist will clean and examine your teeth on a regular basis. After each cleaning, a doctor will visit with you to discuss any discomfort or problems you may have, as well as examine your teeth for any cavities.

Fillings: If a filling is necessary, our staff will work hard to make sure the experience is comfortable for you. We will answer any questions and address any concerns you have before the procedure begins. To keep your smile looking its best, all of our fillings are tooth-colored to minimize their appearance.

Sealants. Sealants can help protect your teeth from cavities. Strongly recommended for children, a sealant is an acrylic-like material that helps prevent decay-causing bacteria, forming a protective barrier over the tooth’s surface. The procedure is 100% painless and takes minimal time to complete. Sealants can protect teeth for many years, giving you added protection from cavities down the road. For more information on sealants, or to find out if you would benefit from this preventative procedure, contact our office today at 712.336.2460.